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Octave designations... [15 May 2007|06:03pm]

I've seen some confusion lately in posts regarding range, in both the "notes I can hit" and "this song includes" areas.  There are lots of ways to designate octaves, but most universities in the US use one of two main methods.  (As far as I know.)

The first method is based solely on the number of octaves on a grand piano, with the very lowest note on the keyboard being A1 (all the notes in that octave are 1), the next being A2, etc.  If you are using this system, "Middle C"= C4.  What we call a "high C" in the soprano literature (two ledger lines above the treble clef) is C6.  That "low C" that we love to hear the basses sing would be "C2".

The second method uses capital and lowercase letters, combined with numbers. In this method, the octave sometimes called call "low C" (two ledger lines below the bass clef) is called "C" (great C), then the next octave is called "c" (small c), and then "middle C" is considered "c1".  Each higher octave is named with a lowercase letter followed by the next number.  Using this method, a soprano's "high C" (two lines above the treble clef) would be called c3.

FYI---use or discard as you see fit.
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[29 Mar 2006|12:23pm]

Featuring Samrat Chakrabarti, formerly of The Hyannis Sound, Five O'Clock Shadow and Brandeis Univ.'s VoiceMale:

Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:55:32 -0000
From: "jupiterjonz"
Subject: Shut Up and Sing in NYC!

The a cappella themed indie film "Shut Up and Sing" will have its New York premiere at the Gen Arts Film Festival in NYC on Sunday April 9th at 7:30pm (Clearview Chelsea West theater, 333 W. 23rd Street). The movie recently won the Audience Award for Best Feature at the HBO Aspen Comedy Festival. Written/directed by former a cappella singer Bruce Leddy, the film is an ensemble comedy/drama about a group of guys who sang a cappella in college who reunite 15 years later to sing at a friend's wedding. It stars Molly Shannon, Mark Feuerstein, David Harbour, Elizabeth Reaser, Reg Rogers, Sandy Chaplin, Rosemarie Dewitt, David Alan Basche, as well as renown a cappella vocal percussionist Samrat Chakrabarti. Tickets are available at http://crm.ersvp.com/genart/x/filmfest/. The price of admission includes an after party with cast and crew at the club Home, 532 W. 27th Street with open bar. We want to pack the house with a cappella fans so come join the party!
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[29 Mar 2006|11:53am]

Anyone else out there following the National Harmony Sweeps or ICCA tourneys? Funny stories, shanked sets, amazing arrangements, etc? (I just judged my eighth ICCA show, and my band placed third at the Boston Sweeps this weekend.)
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Concert Announcement: NOAC 2005 [08 Mar 2005|09:33am]

The RIT Brick City Singers present
The Fifth Annual Night of A Cappella

When: March 12th, 2005 | Doors open @ 7:30pm, Concernt @ 8pm
Where: Rochester Institute of Technology, NY | Ingle Auditorium, SAU

RPI Rusty Pipes
Trinity Pipes
Maryland U Generics

Cost: $3 presale or $5 at the door

5 years running, this has become one of the BEST a cappella
shows of the year in the upstate New York area.
Every year this show has received larger and larger audiences.
Last year was nearly sold out!!
Get your tickets early! And come prepared to have a great time!

For more information or directions, visit www.brickcitysingers.org

x-posted acapella_lovers, rochester, roconnection, a cappella, post_your_band, rockapella, vocalmusic
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Any Help? [29 Aug 2004|02:47pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I am part of a band with guitars, drums, etc...any way, the other female singer and I would like to do an a cappella duet with just the 2 of us...any suggestions?


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[07 Jun 2004|08:19am]

Doh... Messed up the link. Sorry, guys. www.brickcitysingers.org.
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Hey, Folks [07 Jun 2004|08:13am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Well, I'm not normally one to introduce myself when I join a community, but this time, why not. I'm Nate, formerly of the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) Brick City Singers (www.brickcitysingers.org, buy our CD. You know you wanna). I graduated this year (ugh... real world...) and am pretty much looking for any way to stay somewhat abreast with random ACa stuff, and *poof* here I am. =)


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[29 Jan 2004|10:59pm]

I'm looking for a recording of a 4-part men's harmony of Loch Lomond. Preferably with only 4 guys singing insetead of an entire choir. Can anyone help with a cd or tape title? Much Thanks!

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Hey there from NC State University! [05 Dec 2003|06:34pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

As per the title, Hello from North Carolina! My name is Kristen, and I'm a founding member of a rockin all-female group here called the Packabelles (Wolf-Pack... got it ;-) ) and I have just joined this community. We sing a little bit of everything from oldies to rock, and should have our first CD coming out soon, hopefully next semester. This is our second year in existence :-D

I love A Cappella with all my heart - and was initially introduced to it when I was a freshman, and now this is my third year at NC State. If you'd like any information on the Packabelles, please visit our website at www.packabelles.com , and if you'd like to hear a sample of our sound, you can visit my own personal site at www4.ncsu.edu/~klclybur/packabelles.htm .

I hope to get to know you guys in the future! And thanks to those who are participating in, and progressing the future of A Cappella!

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intro [30 Jun 2003|08:40pm]

hey everyone,

my name's alex, and i've just joined. i've been singing acapella since high school and listening to it since even before that- my collection of acapella cd's and mp3's is getting ridiculous.

i'm going to be a sophomore at MIT, and i'm assistant director (the guy who runs warmups, pretty much) of the Chorallaries of MIT, our oldest co-ed acapella group. anyone on the college scene whose group is planning a tour of the northeast can contact me- we're always looking for new and cool guest groups for our concerts! we promise a great party afterwards (yes, we DO party at MIT...)
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[06 Mar 2003|11:25am]

*cross posted in acappella_lovers*

Hello all! I'm looking for collegiate groups in the mid-atlantic or New England regions who are interested in taking a road trip to perform with a hot girls group!

Ok, here's the specs. I'm a member of Melica, the all female a cappella group out of Elizabethtown College (in Elizabethtown, PA ... 20 min from Harrisburg, 1.5 hrs from Philly, 1.5 hrs from Baltimore). We currently have 11 members and we perform contemporary pop music. Our songs include covers of Ben Folds 5, Aerosmith, Ace of Base, the Weathergirls, etc etc etc. We're a fun group who loves to perform and just have a blast with a cappella.

Our show is Friday, March 28th at 8pm. We'll be performing in Leffler Chapel (http://www.etown.edu/campustour/leffler.asp), which is a gorgeous performance hall on campus. We'll be performing with our brother group, Phalanx, and we're looking to add another group to the bill - either male or coed. We provide groups with dinner, an awesome audience to perform for, a kickass party afterwards, and a place to crash for any groups that need it.

Its really getting down to crunch time, so if anyone is interested please email me at nortonk@etown.edu and we'll work something out. Thanks everyone!
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Blue Jupiter (Cross-Posted) [08 Feb 2003|02:04pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Anyone else in this community familiar with Blue Jupiter? Rockapella's Jeff Thacher has been hyping them up for MONTHS, so I decided to check 'em out. Just going from the sound clips on their site (I don't own their CD, Ear Candy, yet, but it's on its way *G*), they have an awesome sound.

So, anyone else own the CD? Any thoughts?

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[18 Nov 2002|04:22pm]

I need suggestions for things to sing. I am going back to voice lessons after a six-month break, and I need stuff that will challenge me, but not be impossible. The last few things I worked on included "O Mio Babbino, Caro" and "There's No One Like You" (Sarah Brightman: Eden, I think). All suggestions are welcome... Thanks!
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Arlington A Cappella Festival [21 Jul 2002|02:05am]

[ mood | good ]

Just returned from the Arlington A Cappella Festival!! Great show, even though they had to shut down a little early (noise ordinances or something like that).

4:2:five from Florida, and Conn Artists from Connecticut performed... very very impressed with the show from 4:2:five. Seemed like Conn Artists had a cleaner set of vocals, but 4:2:five had a great stage show. Check 'em out if you ever get the chance!! The festival was hosted by DaVinci's Notebook... who always put on a good show, even with a shortened set. Good times had by all!


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Lubber Run A cappella Festival! [12 Jul 2002|09:58pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey all you vocal music fans! Just wanted to tell you about an a cappella festival coming up in the Northern Virginia/DC area. July 20th at Lubber Run in Arlington, VA, DaVinci's Notebook is hosting their annual summer installment of said festival. I hear that some GREAT groups are coming, so if you can make it out, please come!

Email me if you want some more information... bithbebe@livejournal.com


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[20 Apr 2002|09:17pm]

The new student a cappella group Absolute Zero from the University of North Dakota will be appearing live on:

The A Cappella Hour radio show - The River 95.1 FM in Fargo, ND from 8-9 AM on April 21 (tomorrow)! Check us out! (If you're anywhere near Fargo).

The show will also be syndicated on KLTF 960 AM in Little Falls, MN on Saturday, April 27 from 4-5PM!

Our website is at http://www.und.edu/org/zeroabso
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[03 Apr 2002|06:54pm]

I need some help, so I thought I'd turn to you guys. I have a member in my a cappella group who sings very nasally. He sounds a lot like Bob Dylan, and it's throwing off the blend. I've tried to help, but I'm running out of ideas. I've tried to immitate what he does to see how to fix it, but I can't even immitate. Can anyone offer any advice?
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[12 Mar 2002|03:20am]

Check out this a cappella group! They are AWESOME!

They're called "Naturally Seven." They were the 1999 A Cappella Champions of the Harmony Sweepstakes. Click the video for the one on the bottom called, "Sit Back, Relax Your Mind."

Naturally Seven - Relax Your Mind
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[06 Mar 2002|04:55pm]

For all who don't know, Absolute Zero is the new Contemporary A Cappella group of the University of North Dakota. It is a student-ran organization!


So Absolute Zero performed in the Memorial Union today. I thought the performance was mediocre after it was done, but after looking at the video, it was a lot better than I expected!

So we did:

Breakfast at Tiffany's
Ellie my Love
The Longest Time (I was the soloist)
I Got You (Iwas the soloist)
Jamboree on the 5th Floor (original composition)

We didn't get "Should I" or A Cappella Hour in or "Stand By Me" in, because the group wasn't ready to perform it.

We are getting Should I just about down pat now. I have a video of some of our performance, and from that I can get still pictures and post them!
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DVN at Club Passim in Cambridge MA [28 Jan 2002|08:45am]

DVN show last night. Completely off the wall!!! Storm will now be known as Gap Boy. Seems someone had a little dental bridge work problem before the show ... and a tooth came out. They were completely off the wall. Kept talking through the songs. I don't think they made it all the way through Secret Asian Man and they DEFINITELY ad libbed through Magic Kingdom in The Sky. Although I do have to say that Title of the Song had more of a "hard core" flavor with Storm missing a tooth. Saggy Diaper Blues came completely with the army men and Bernie laughing hysterically (to the point where he head to leave) when Storm started doing commercials in the musical styling of Aaron Neville.

Heard some newer songs too. Heather Graham and Internet Porn. Really good and of course there was Request-O-Rama ... I don't remember all the songs but there was A Boy Named Sue, Gilligan's Island, Fear the Reaper (I think that's the title), and Eye of The Tiger. What else ... they also did Ally McBeal, Irish Drinking Song, Pull My Finger and Bernie did What A Wonderful World. They came back out to do the Mickey Mouse Club theme song too. Great crowd response and there's a possibility of them doing two shows the next time they are at Passim!


(gonna post this in one more community journal so you may get it more than once)
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